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Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants


Cargo pants, army pants, baggy pants or cargo trousers. Dear child has many names, but at MOLECULE CLOTHING you will find them all. We have a huge selection of all styles in cargo pants, so rest assure that you will be fully equipped after visiting MOLECULE CLOTHING on www.molecule.dk.


Cargo pants are characterized by having a baggy fit and with large pockets, both at the back of the pants and on the side of the legs. In addition, they are made of a very heavy duty material to ensure that they will stand against rough use and wear and tear. This is because they were originally used by the military and therefore the requirements for their durability and usefulness are extremely high. If you think they seem familiar, it’s because American soldiers used these pants in the Vietnam War. The pants were quickly put into use by sports and outdoor people, who also have great demands on durability and large pockets. Today, however, the cargo pants have been improved with a more contemporary look, so you also fit into your everyday wardrobe. The pants give a sporty, fresh look that is especially suited to the streetwear style. That is why a pair of baggy cargo pants is an indispensable part of any serious streetwear wardrobe.


In recent years, cargo pants for women have also begun to emerge as more and more women have begun to require these in the market.

Of course, we provide cargo pants for ladies and women – also in both camouflage and army style.

You’ll find them right here!


See our huge selection of Molecule cargo pants. As one of the only dealers in Denmark, and as one of the only dealers who ship worldwide with both DHL Express and GLS (euro and global), we have the largest selection of the classic Molecule cargo pants. Cargo pants are the coolest type of baggy pants you can get your hands on and Molecule is absolute number one.

For over 20 years, Molecule have designing, producing and selling cargo pants, so they are the absolute experts in the market and set both style and color for what cargo pants should be. Many other manufacturers of cargo pants and baggy pants have, over the years, looked to Molecule for inspiration as trendsetters in the industry. Cargo pants have become a timeless trend and a phenomenon that never really goes out of fashion.


With over 20 years of experience in the design and production of casual street fashion clothing, Molecule has achieved legendary status in many. They have been the leading factor in the creation and development of the Cargo pants and cargo shorts in a constant growing market. This is also where camouflage and the army colors saw the light of day before appearing on other products like belt, t-shirts, jackets and caps

We at MOLECULE CLOTHING are proud to offer the best baggy pants on the market.

Molecule also produces cargo shorts and belts. Take a look around our webshop and if you have any questions or have any questions about Cargo pants or other products, you are more than welcome to contact us.

If you are not familiar with Molecule, then here is some good advice about the sizes of their Cargo shorts, where the information only relates to W (waist) and not the length of the legs. See the size guide under each product for more info on leg length etc.:
S (small): size W27-31
M (medium): size W32-35
L (large): size W35-38
XL (x-large): size W36-40

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