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MOLECULE Cargo Pants – comfy combats 45019 – brown

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MOLECULE Cargo Pants - comfy combats 45019 - brown

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At first glance, the brown color may not be your favorite, BUT! Look a little closer. It is actually very cool and incredibly popular. Especially when you put it on and see it rocking along with a t-shirt or a hoodie.

Comfy Combats are probably Molecule's most popular model based on their first shorts from 1998: 45020 Originals. The brown model came out a bit later. It does sell out once in a while, so if you are a die-hard Molecule fan, take the chance and get this model before it sells out again.

With pockets in all shades, Molecule cargo pants are known for being one of the most ultimate and timeless in army pants and designs.

Remember we have many more cargo pants in the same style of MOLECULE Cargo Pants - comfy combats 45019 - brown click here



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