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Product guide

Dear costumer,

In order to deliver the best service possible and a high level of information on our website, we have created this product guide. The guide is continuously being developed but initially we have been focusing on our cargo shorts and cargo pants.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for through this guide you are always welcome to contact us through our contact form – click here.

Supplementing this guide is the option to find a size chart in each subcategory/product which describes waist size, length from top to bottom and length from top til just below the crotch. Please be aware that the size chart is only instructional since the fabric thickness can differ and affect the size. Read more about this below.

In this manner, we hope to best guide you through your first purchases of MOLECULE shorts or pants and/or help you in a simple fashion to figure out what model you are already in possession of so you are able to buy this exact model in different colours or in shorter/longer versions.




Our cargo shorts and cargo pants are of high quality. MOLECULE is known for being close to impossible to wear out which of course is stretching the truth a little. Obviously everything can be worn out and ripped or destroyed if manhandled or by aggressive use. The most ”fragile” bits on MOLECULE’s shorts and pants are buttons and zippers which unfortunately some people think can be ripped and pulled without considering the consequences.

The actual fabric is incredibly durable in both the classic heavy cotton and in the lighter ripstop (parachute fabric). Durable in the sense that it endures daily use and wash throughout several years and will endure all sorts of weather. All though phenomenons such as colour fading must be expected.

The fabric can differ in thickness and softness based on the colours. As a baseline the fabric is thicker the more colour nuances (weaving) the pants entail. This means that the camouflage model often are thicker and less flexible compared to the one-colour models, all though these can differ as well.
This means that the waist size can differ a little since the thicker fabric can take a couple of centimeters off the waist size. This is why we always recommend you buy shorts and pants that are a couple of centimeters too big around the waist as they are adjustable with strings. Read more about sizes below.

The fabric is of high quality and MOLECULE is known to be. However, it is not a wonder material which endures outright violence. If you take good care of your MOLECULE product it is very likely that you have them for 10+ years.

Naturally, they will not endure ripping, pulling or extreme stretching caused by the wearer.

All of MOLECULE’s shorts and pants can be washed at 60° Celsius which speaks for the high quality of the product.


We have developed a size chart for our shorts and pants and are working on creating size guides for all of our products. Regardless it can be difficult for the customer to know how to measure one self or ones clothes.

Will they shrink?
MOLECULE’s pants and shorts can take up to 60° Celsius washing and during the production they have washed at even higher temperatures in a unique washing method. This method which happens just before the product is packed is what secures the unique dusty colour of the product. Also this methods ensures that the product is ”pre-shrunk” and that they do not shrink in during additional washes. On the contrary you will experience that the shorts and pants expand a couple of centimeters during use and will return to their original size when washed.

How do I measure?

The method we use is to put the shorts/pants on a flat surface buttoned and zipped. Then we measure the width of the waist and multiply by 2. We have not stretched or pulled the fabric when measuring it, which means that it will be 3-4 centimeters bigger when worn than when lying flat on a table.

It is our experience that everyone has a different way of measuring their waist size and not necessarily where clothes are actually to be worn. We recommend you find a couple of shorts/pants that fit you perfectly. Make sure they have been washed recently so the fibers have contracted and the pants are as good as ”new”. Place them flat on a table buttoned and zipped. Find a ruler or measuring band and measure across the waist and note the measurement on the inside of the seam. Multiply this number by 2 and find your size comparing it to our size guide under each product. Below is an example of a size chart.


We know it can be extremely confusing with a lot of different models, numbers and names.

Luckily MOLECULE’s models are constructed in a quite simple manner which hopefully makes is easier for you as a customer to pick the right model or build on your existing collections with a shorter or longer version of your favourite model.

As a baseline MOLECULE constructs their models through series which are easily recognisable by looking at the start of the product number next to the product name.

Using this model as an example:


The number 45020 shows that the model is part of what we call the 45-series. So through this you are able to recognise the model line by noticing the two first ciphers of the five cipher product number – here 45.
In the same series you can find a ¾ model also known as knickers under the model number 45056 Drawn Togethers and same models series as pants under the number Comfy Combats.

In the same fashion there are following model series:

50-series: 50005 Ankle busters (pants) – 50006 Kickflips (3/4 knickers) – 50007 Cruisers (shorts)

54-series: 54001 Cyclones (shorts) – 54002 Board Pants (pants)

55-series (Ripstop) : 55001 Dual Feathers (shorts) – 55002 Featherweights (shorts) – 55003 Outdoor (pants)

Below you can read on how to find the differences in the various model series and find the model that fits you the best.



45-SERIES and especially the 45056 model Drawn Togethers is the most well-known MOLECULE model which has some specific key features that allows you to recognise them from afar. We have listed the key features here:

Contrary to the 50-series and 55-series which have metl zippers, this model has high quality plastic zippers in olive green plastic. The fabric string attached to the zipper is most often a piece of olive green fabric 1 cm wide and 6 cm long.

The 45-series has click buttons whereas the other series have regular buttons. Furthermore the probably most recognisable key feature is located around the click buttons on the thigh pocket. Regardless what colour the shorts/pants have the model ALWAYS have olive green nylon enhancements around the click buttons on the big thigh pockets. This means that you can recognise if it is a 45-model you have at home quite fast. Furthermore this model has a rivetted button on the waist – a button that is not sown on but pressed together front to back.

The 45-series has a ”flap” covering the front pocket with a click button. The front pocket is additionally horizontal and not skewed as on the other modelse. The front pocket is the one you would put your hands in through normal wear. In both the 50-series and the 55-series the front pocket is skewed and without the ”flap” and open for putting your hands in. In the 54-series there is also a ”flap” with a click button. The pocket however is still skewed and different from the 45-series.

Shorts / Knickers ?
It can be close to impossible to see the difference between 45020 Originals (shorts) and 45056 Drawn Togethers (knickers) and the difference is only 10 cm in the length. However it is easy to know the difference if you are aware that the 45020 Originals has click buttons in the legs and the 45056 Drawn Togethers have strings in the legs.

45-series is produced in MOLECULE’s well known brushed cotton which is a durable and heavier fabric that the 55-series which is produced in ripstop (parachute fabric).



The 50-series along the 45-series are the most popular models. They are quite similar in fit and baggy design, however with some significant differences that makes them easy to seperate from each other. Basically the 50-model is more monochrome in colour contrary to the 45-model which often has some significant olive green enhancements and strings in the zipper regardless of the product colour.

The 50-series has metal zippers with a flat string, 1,5 cm wide, attached. The string has a recognisable red thread all the way down the middle.

Contrary to the 45-series, the 50-series do not have click buttons but sown on buttons both on the waist, thigh pockets and back pockets. On the thigh pockets the buttons are somewhat hidden and are located on the inside of the ”flap” that covers the pocket, whereas they arae very characteristic and on the outside on the 45-series.

The 50-series have skewed front pockets and are easy to put your hands in. Furthermore, this model has a smaller pocket for chains on the right side just below the belt.

Shorts / Knickers ?
It can be almost impossible to see the difference between 50007 Cruisers (shorts) and 50006 Kickflips (knickers) and the difference is only 10 cm in length. However, it is easy to know the difference if you are aware that the 50007 Cruisers have click buttons in the legs and the 50006 Kickflips have strings in the legs.

The 50-series is produced in MOLECULE’s well known brushed cutton in a durable and heavier material that the 55-series which is produced in ripstop (parachute fabric).




The 54-series is now as well known as the 45/50-series and is produced in smaller numbers and less colours. Furthermore they do not come in a ¾ knickers model as the two other series. The model differs in being tighter unlike the others which are more baggy.

Furthermore, this model differs from the shorts-version to the pants-version where the other series basically have the same characteristics all the way through.

The 54-series have metal zippers with a flat 1 cm string attached. From new the string often has a knot and is longer than in other models.

As the only model the 54-series do not have metal buttons but neutral plastic buttons that matches the colour of the rest of the product. The plastic buttons do not have ”MOLECULE” stamped on them as the other models do. On the 54002 pants there are buttons all the way around the waist and they have an additional feature of adjustable waist size through the metal buckles on each side of the waist.
The model can also be recognised in that it has plastic buttons on the inside of the thigh pockets but click buttons on the back pockets and front pockets (all though this only applies to the pants).

The 54002 pants have skewed front pockets with a ”flap” covering the click buttons. The back pockets have click buttons and the thigh pockets have inside plastic buttons. As one of the only models this one does not have zipped pockets above the thigh pockets.

The 54-series is produced in MOLECULE’s well known brushed cottons in a durable and heavier matiral than the 55-series which is produced in ripstop (parachute fabric).



The 55-series is the newest model from MOLECULE anno 2015. The design is inspired by some of the older models and is without the charateristic consistent line. The two models 55002 and 55003 has been designed with inspiration from 54001 and 54002. The 55001 model is basically the same model as the 50007 Cruisers only these are in ripstop (parachute fabric).

The 55001 model as well as the 50007 model has a 1,5 cm wide zipper with a red thread in the middle while the 55002 and the 55003 have the charateristic 1x6 cm even-coloured string in the zipper. 55001 as the only model in ripstop has a zipped pocket above the thigh pocket which sets it aside from the 55002 model.

The 55-series have sewed on buttons both in the waist and on thigh- and back pockets. On the thigh pockets the buttons are furthermore ”hidden” and located on the inside of the ”flap” above the pocket.

The 55001 Dual Feather like the 50007 Cruiser model has zipped pockets above the thigh pockets which 55002 and 55003 does not have, They all have skewed front pockets. The back- and thigh pockets have sewn on metal buttons on the inside with the MOLECULE logo engraved.

Shorts / Knickers ?
Even though there are 2 shorts models in the series they are both ”short” and MOLECULE has not as this point developed a ¾ model in ripstop (parachute fabric). When they will you can rest assure we are the first ones to have them ready for you.

The 55-series is done in ripstop (parachute fabric) that is easily recognisable with the fabric up close, where you can see the fabric has tiny squares in it. The fabric is well known to the outdoors environment and brands such as Fjällräven, 5.11 and Carharrt.


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