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Terms & Conditions


When making a purchase through Molecule Clothing or a site owned by molecule.dk:

  • molecule.dk
  • molecule.se

you simultaneously accept an agreement of terms and conditions. You will find the different conditions for purchasing divided into several categories on this page.

This contract will have to be agreed to when making a purchase. This is done by marking the boxes "FINISH PURCHASE" and "I have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the webshop". This needs to be done to complete the order.

The contract includes the following:


No personal information registered through Molecule Clothing is at any time handed over, sold or made accessible to a third party. All information is stored in a safe manner and is only accessible to trusted employees at Molecule Clothing.

The shopping system uses cookies to control the contents of the shopping cart. A cookie is simply the word for a file that is stored on your own device. Furthermore, it is possible to enable the system to save your own address information for your next visit. If later on you wish to delete these information this can be done through browser settings. With Internet Explorer this is done through the menu "Functions" and the drop-down menu "Internet settings".

During a purchase we ask for name, address, phone number and email-address. These information are used solely for carrying out the order. Information is transmitted and stored electronically in an encrypted form and are stored for 5 years. The "contract" itself is stored at molecule.dk in a manner that allows you to log in and see/change the status through MY ACCOUNT.

Furthermore, we register the IP-address through which a purchase is made. The information is usually not used but can be used in situations such as police investigation. All false orders are reported to the police!

It is possible to have your email-address registered on a e-mailing list at molecule.dk so that you continuously receive news and other information from molecule.dk. This service can at any time be enabled or disabled as wanted.

Cf. the Danish law of personal data we will provide information on registered information when asked and if contested we will carry out deletion of information to the wanted extent.


Below is a guide to how you make purchases on the site. Should you have questions or issues of any kind you are always welcome to contact us through our contact form, mail or phone and we will be happy to help and guide you through purchasing on this site.

PURCHASE step by step:

1. Find the wanted product.

2. Add the product to the Shopping Cart by clicking the symbol "Add to cart".

3. If you want to add additional products this can be done now.

4. If you regret the content or wish to make changes and for example change the number of products you can do so through the icon of a shopping cart in the right corner. Changes are updated immediately.

5. After this you proceed to payment and entering of personal information. Press the symbol "CHECKOUT".

6. On the next screen you will need to enter your customer information including your email-address. Your order confirmation will be sent to your email-address. You have the option to check off newsletter. This service can at any time be disabled through the front page.

7. To proceed to payment you MUST check off "I have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions for the web-shop".

8. Choose your payment method and click "FINISH PURCHASE".

9. On the next screen a pop-up window will appear from Bambora where you need to enter your payment information. See paragraph below for information about which payment methods we accept.

10. After completed payment you receive an order confirmation on the e-mail you have entered in customer information. It is a good idea to check unwanted mails/spam filters on your e-mail account if you have not received an order confirmation after the purchase has been completed.

11. When your order has been expedited you will receive 2 e-mails. One is considering your tracking number and the other is an order confirmation that your parcel has been sent off. See paragraph on shipment for further information.



Molecule Clothing accepts following payment methods:

  • Dankort/VISA-Dankort
  • eDankort
  • Visa Electron
  • Mastercard, Maestro
  • JCB
  • American Express
  • Mobile pay
  • Viabill

All payments will not be withdrawn from your account before the parcel is shipped. Depending on payment method and your own bank you will however sometimes be able to see the amount as drawn from your account immediately after the purchase has been made.

molecule.dk encrypts all your card information with the so-called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that unauthorized personnel will not be able to read your card number or other information during the transaction with PBS.

molecule.dk uses "Dankort secured by Nets" for increased security and to counter fraud.


molecule.dk ships with GSL to a Parcel Shop to the receiver. Timely delivery requires that the shipping company complies with their delivery deadlines. Should delays occur in the shipping company this will also delay the delivery compared to the wanted delivery date.

molecule.dk cannot be held accountable for delays caused by our shipping company partner.

During the order walk through you as a client have the opportunity to choose the GLS Parcel Shop you find most fitting.


molecule.dk ships with GLS to a Parcel Shop near the receiver. Timely delivery requires that the shipping company comply with their delivery deadlines. Should delays occur at the shipping company this will also delay the delivery compared to the wanted delivery date.

molecule.dk cannot be held accountable for delays caused by our shipping company partner.


molecule.dk renders a 2 year warranty according to the law of purchase, including fabrication- and material flaws diagnosed through normal use of the product. Warranty does not cover damages or wear and tear, directly or indirectly caused by wrongful use, poor upkeep, violence or unauthorized operations.

Complaints over flaws and lacks that should be noticed through usual examination of the product must be reported to molecule.dk in reasonable time. The product can then be returned for reparations, change or deal concerning refund.


At return or exchange to different size, if flawed or for example absent deliveries, contact should be directed to:

Molecule Clothing
Randersgade 46, 2. th
2100 København Ø

E-mail: kontakt@molecule.dk
Phone: +45 61 77 25 31

Parcels can be returned to a parcel shop with either GLS or DAO:

GLS pakkeshop
Strandboulevarden 168
2100 København Ø


DAO pakkeshop
Miriam Kiosk
Randersgade 31
København Ø

Product returns are also made to this address - note that we do not receive parcels sent by COD.

A 14-day full warranty/cancellation and return policy is provided (unless other is stated under special offers - for example Christmas specials with longer return policies). After 14 days (from parcel has been picked up by receiver till it can be documented that it is returned to the parcel shop for return) the return policy is annulled.

Return can also be made through denying reception. Documentation and thorough description of the reason for return is to be enclosed the parcel. For example copy of order confirmation with hand written reason for return and/or copy of previous correspondence etc.

If refunded the full amount will be transferred to the card used for the payment of the order.


When exchanging products for other models/sizes etc. the buyer holds the cost for shipment back to Molecule Clothing.

Molecule Clothing will hereafter pay for the shipment of the new products.

In this way the expense is divided equally between parties.

Parties are free to choose shipping company. However, pick up must be possible in parcel shops within reasonable distance.


When exchanging products for other models/sizes etc. the buyer pays for the shipment back to Molecule Clothing. The order is then annulled and the amount of the purchase minus the delivery costs are returned to the customers account.

Buyer must hereafter make a new purchase and pay for shipment anew.


In case of agreed upon discounts, returned products or pre-payed products that are cancelled before shipping, a full or partial refund of the purchased amount must happen. Refund is normally payed back to the card or account used for payment during the order.

When the product is returned, received and approved the amount of purchase minus a fee for shipping is returned to your account within few days. You are accountable for the costs of return. For practical details - see paragraph "Warranty".


The products have a 14 day return policy, starting from the day they are received. If you choose to regret a purchase you must simply return the product in the same state and quantity as when you received it.

When the product is returned, received and approved the amount of purchase minus a fee for shipping is returned to your account within few days. You are accountable for the costs of return. For practical details - see paragraph "Warranty".



It makes no difference whether you pay with Dankort (or other approved credit cards) online, via post- and phone order or if you take your card to a physical shop. It is the same transaction.


Overall, how it works is that the information from the credit card is transported through the internet when the payment is made. This is the same no matter where or how you use you card - from internet purchases to purchasing in a physical store.


The credit card information is transported through an encrypted 128-bit SSL line through you and ePay. The information from a credit card is encrypted like this in a browser that supports SSL. The encryption is to make sure that unauthorized personnel cannot tap your information and in such fashion ensures you and your payment.

After receiving the credit card information the information is then sent on to Nets who carries out the actual withdrawal of money from your card.

Payment by credit card will be shown on your next account statement from the bank.

It is simple, it is safe and it is the same technical procedure as in normal physical trade in shops with card terminals.

If you have any questions considering the terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us. Go to contact form press here.


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